Barry Hayes crossing the Pacific Ocean in a rowing boat


Learning Agility motivational talk from Barry Hayes

Learning Agility

Learning agility is set to be the hot topic for 2016 in both the corporate and educational worlds. Barry's version 'Learning Agility from the Perspective of an Adventurer, begins with a brief introduction as to what Learning Agility and Adventure means to him, before unfurling into an adventure that will inspire and challenge the audience.

1 hour including questions

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Barry Hayes providing inspirational workshop


Barry provides a framework for audience members to identify and achieve their aspirations. Barry uses examples from his own life to show working examples of the importance of each stage of this framework. This talk can be done as a standalone version or can be provided as a fantastic follow up to either the ‘Learning Agility’ or ‘Eat, Sleep, Row, Repeat...’ talks.

50 minutes including questions

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Rowing boat team with Barry Hayes on Pacific Ocean

Eat, Sleep, Row, Repeat...

Geared towards the purists - this talk goes into maximum detail about the rowing adventure - how it came about, the row itself, and the aftermath. Barry talks about the enormous highs and lows, the benefits and pitfalls, as well as offering practical advice on getting involved in your own similar adventures.

1 hour including questions

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Barry Hayes motivational talk in Wrexham

Custom Talks

The nature of Barry’s adventures allows him to inspire audiences from a wide range of backgrounds, and the lessons he has learned are similarly broad so a custom talk can be written to cater specifically for your audience.

Barry’s topics, aside from the three core talks listed here include, the reality of plastic pollution in our oceans, psychological strength, endurance and determination, and these can range from as little as 10 to as much as 90 minutes long, but if you do have a specific requirement, please get in touch.